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Could you really train to walk 60 miles?!? Sure you could. Thousands are doing it right now. Training to walk 60 miles in three days is similar to training for a marathon. The difference is you need to train with two long days back to back. The following training schedule calls for walking 4 days a week and one day of easy crosstraining (CT), allowing for plenty of rest.

Most training schedules for a three day walk will take approximately six months to complete. But this does not mean that a new walker can start walking today and be ready to walk 60 miles in six months. Prior to starting a training schedule a walker should already be walking approximately 20 miles or longer each week and be capable of easily completing a 6 mile walk. If you are a beginner allow a minimum of 6 months to get to this point with your walking routine before you begin training for your 3 Day. Start out by referring to our beginner page.

The last three weeks prior to the event calls for a tapering period. This period will allow your body to rest, but keep it moving enough to be well prepared for the event. Many walkers are inclined to ignore the taper and continue with hard training prior to an event. Tapering is one of the most important aspects of training. Your overall strength and performance, risk of injury, etc. will be much better if you adhere to the tapering period.

Example Training Schedule



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