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I find walking on my own best most of the time due to time constraints. It's also the best way for me to do the type of workout I need on any given day. However, walking with a group part of the time is motivating and fun. You can also learn a lot from other walkers and you may find you push yourself just a bit harder with some friendly competition.

While it's usually pretty easy to find a running club in most towns walking clubs are a little harder to come by. Try using google to search your area. Other ways to find local clubs include checking with your local running club, running or sporting goods stores, the YMCA, and attending local races. You might also find groups on facebook or at social sites such as meetup.com.

Online Information and Support

The Walking Site - Facebook Support Group - We have a very supportive group with walkers of all levels (beginners to ultra marathon walkers). This is not the place to come to find local walking information. It's an online support group with members from a variety of locations.

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